Zeytinli House

İzmir, Turkey 2022

Inspired by Mediterranean life, Zeytinli House is located in the countryside of Seferihisar, Izmir. The green hills flowing between each other, surrounded by olive trees, and the vineyards that have given life to Teos wines for years almost shape the geomorphology of Gölcük Village. , Zeytinli House is an interpretation of modern architecture that combines with the traditional, apart from the concept of city and time. The courtyard and the surrounding living areas, which take shelter between the stone walls that emerge as one piece from the soil, almost disappear in the silhouette of the village with its scale.

The old duplex stone house touches the traces of the past with its presence in the courtyard, reflecting a beautiful representation of the ancient lifestyle of Anatolian civilizations. The building walls were preserved, and the interior was re-functionalized to meet the user's modern life needs. The interior and exterior separation disappears with the transparencies, and the surface texture is designed uninterruptedly throughout the building, softly leaking daylight and unique nature sounds through the openings of the building, along with its high permeability. 

Zeytinli House reaches out to us with a fresh stage experience every time.  The reflection pool, which forms a wide horizontal surface in the courtyard, plays an active role in bringing the unique sky movements and the green spaces with many tones into the building and offers a unique experience to the user. The bright sunlight, the gentle wind, the sound of the birds, the effect of the wind, the texture of the stone and the scent of the plants seem to exist and end here.